Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Downside Of Good Choices

It's day three for me today after my hypnosis and start of my low-carb eating.

And I feel like crap.

I woke up in uncontrollable tears as I had been dreaming my mother had died. Even typing this now is making me emotional. I don't think I have woken up in such an emotional state since I was pregnant, 16 years ago, when all my hormones were wildly flinging themselves in a hundred different directions.

I think I am having, what I have discovered to be called, the sugar withdrawals, coupled with flu-like symptoms. I'm a cliche!.

So that's ok, I know it will pass. But right now, I feel like I am all over the place. It's actually a good deterrent from falling off the wagon, as I don't want to go through this again. It is also a positive sign, as it is showing me that good things are beginning to happen.

A reader asked me about my hypnosis. I initially went to assist me with my regular binge eating and over eating. My belief of "Why have one cookie, when you can eat the whole packet? Oh and why not down a couple of litres of ice-cream at afterwards too?" philosophy.

But a wonderful side-effect on the positive side of life, has been the fact that I have slept quickly, thoroughly and restfully in the past three nights. Whilst I wasn't exactly an insomniac, I did find it hard to sleep and stay asleep. I'd wake up worrying about certain students in my class and find it impossible to get back to my golden slumbers. I'd wake up, tired, exhausted and wanting sugary toast and other crappy stuff.

I know it's only three days in, but I am optimistic.

I have also found a lady, an older lady, not some young teen, who runs a great YouTube channel. Go Keto With Casey  Her website is CASEY DURANGO. I feel her to be an excellent role model for the more mature person and am enjoying learning from her.

Anyway, time to go for a walk and keep my standards high!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Joint Commitment

Danny and I are a little more cuddly that we wish to be. I don’t mean in the loving sense, cuddling is always good in that regard. I mean in terms of body mass.

So we have recently changed our diet a little to encompass a more ketogenic way of eating. I too, have had some hypnosis, which I might add has had me sleeping better than I have in years. Even getting up on a morning has been so much easier. I’ve upped my walking regimen and am feeling very optimistic for both of us.

It appears that both of us have amazing cheekbones, even for two middle aged people, like us.

So you’ll be hearing a bit more on here about our health journey. There’s nothing like blogging to keep a person focused. At present I’m sat here, after a walk, listening to a Jane Fonda health book on Audible...there’s nothing like books and audiobooks to keep you on track too.

How’s your health these days?

Friday, 11 May 2018

If It Comes, Let It. If It Goes, Let It!

I've always been a big fan of this Buddhist adage, which is just as well, since we are a not go with the beautiful house and land. The seller would not budge an inch on price. As a result, I will watch and wait patiently. We did feel it was rather over-priced for a tiny one-bedroom place and whilst it has the most wonderful appeal, there's not many people who are prepared to have three people live in a one bedroom choice...

Anyway, I wasn't heart broken as if this house was meant to be, it would have come our way. And also, not so secretly, I am relieved we wouldn't need to go through the stress of moving house and so on...

So what frugal things are you up to today?
I am listening to Dracula on the free overdrive library app, gosh that's such a good service. I used to have Audible, which at $16.95 a month is OK, I suppose. But getting real books, eBooks and audio books from the library surpasses spending any cash.

Tomorrow, Danny and I doing a meditation and mindfulness class. It's fun to do things together and the Buddhist Society are well known for their beautiful, comprehensive afternoon teas! Last time, there was so much, I felt so jolly abundant.

I have spent a little cash this week on resources for work, but as they're a tax deduction I think I can stand that. I have felt rather inspired however and have been rather heavily planned for work....

Anyway, coffee calls, Dracula is in my ears and I am ready for a lazy Friday night.

Talk soon!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Can I Now Become Any More Frugal?

Ok, I am now on an uber mission!

We don't have much progress on our potential house purchase, but we are in "negotiations'. What that says to me is that for my own peace of mind I wish to become more frugal than ever! I am not sure what else to do, or where to begin.

I have cut back all my spending, and really only spend on the essentials, food, petrol and other non-negotiables like insurance, etc.

In fact we have become so frugal, that last week we didn't even go for our weekly food shop and only got the odd one or two items (chicken stock and milk for example) that we needed as the days passed. I don't know why I think I need to push it further. We have plenty of equity in the house we live in, our mortgage would go significantly down, but something just tells me, to hold on to every penny.

Do you have any thoughts on moving house? If we don't do it with this one, we will do it sooner or later. Just to tide you through, here's few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Sunday, 6 May 2018

Today I Had The Violent Urge To Throw Up

....and it's not because I am still sick. I'm not.

Danny, H and I went to see a tiny little property about 30 kilometres from where we live now. It is on a small amount of acres, a tiny house, elevated in the tree tops, with a top notch vegetable and fruit garden. It has a view of the river and a bush view, and we fell in love.

I have a feeling we may be about to act upon it.

Watch this space, we might have found our forever home. Here's a sneak peek, keep your fingers crossed for us.


Saturday, 5 May 2018

I Like Not Spending

I have felt pretty crappy all week, but seem to have come out on the other side. Whilst I am still feeling kind of lightheaded, I found that binge watching the UK show Nightmare Neighbour on YouTube, was quite fun. It was nice to be able to sleep and to have some time where I could look inwardly.

Another benefit of being sick is that there is no interest whatsoever in spending. I never thought I could have less interest in spending, but believe me, this week, I had significantly less interest, in food or anything, other than my bed, my clan and some rubbish gutter TV.

I am very grateful for having a job where I have some paid sick leave. I realise I am am very lucky for this and that not every employee around the world has this luxury.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in, let the world at large know that I am alive....more anon!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Overtired and bleurgh!

Sorry for the absence. I have been sick and overtired.

Normal transmission will resume shortly.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Less Expense Than I Thought


Well we are at the end of a two week holiday from school and work. I always think about holidays with a little trepidation regarding how much money gets spent, and I have to admit for the past two weeks I completely forgot to fill in my spending diary, so I can't give you an honest account of our spending here right now.

Except to say, other than a trip to the movies, with sweets bought from the supermarket, not the cinema and on cheap night, we didn't go anywhere expensive. Mostly we walked, for free, we did the supermarket shopping and visited friends and family. So I know we haven't secretly gone off the rails, I just couldn't be bothered to fill in our spending diary. Most days were NSD anyway.

Danny and I have added one thing to our lives though, and that's date night. We need time to ourselves and have decided that now we are saving so much, we will allow ourselves a night out once a week to a cheap Indian restaurant. It came highly recommended to us, is cheap and bloomin' delicious.

I'll be back with weekly updates on our spending next Sunday, but I don't expect to see the spending change much, other than the Indian dinner, which at $16 each, per fortnight, won't break the bank, but will give us some DannyandFranny time.

Have a great day!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Life For Sale

If I was a business, would anyone want to buy me?

It was the thought I woke up with the other morning and it wasn't going to let me go easily. So here's how the (internal) conversation went:

ME: What are your financials like? Can you show consistent profit for the past 3-5 years?

ALSO ME: Ahh....well.....that's not fair. You know that loan is taking all the extra wage. You know that overseas trip was paid by credit card. You know how expensive it is to live today. You know how little I get paid; if I was paid as much as that other guy.......

ME: OK so can you show a clear plan to eliminate your debt?

ALSO ME: Of course! Everything I owe will be covered by my superannuation payout.

ME: Your financials raise a red flag but maybe your facility review will help. Are there any maintenance issues I should know about? If so, what plan do you have to improve your facility?

ALSO ME: You crack me up; are you serious? "Know about,"...(shakes head)...You know all about my back/knees/eyes/ and all the other blessings of being over 40. My plan? I like to put other people first so I can't justify spending money (that I don't have) on myself when I need to support other members of my family. I tried resting my aching body like I heard a doctor say once. I tried resting it a lot and all it did was swell up. I gained 10kg doing what the doctor said!

ME: Gotta say things aren't looking promising; debt and a run down facility. But there is still a chance. Perhaps you are doing something unique with your life. Maybe you have just been so focused on the prize that you have taken your eyes off of the process? What makes your business stand out from the other businesses? Why should I buy your business? What is your point of difference?

ALSO ME: Whoa, hold on soldier, too many questions. OK, I've thought about it. You should choose my business because I am extremely good at time management. Most other businesses wouldn't attempt to be involved in as many things as me. I'm in so many groups and clubs I need a special diary to keep track. Nothing gets missed out. I even manage to be home in time to wake my partner to say good night. It is a real skill I have. Plus, I think you missed the point with my debt-profit-whatever-that-stuff-was. You need to turn the negative into a positive (hey, I can outsmart myself!), I have a real skill at ensuring all my equipment is up to date. What you call debt is actually the cost of doing business. Stop laughing! It's just a business expense. The doctor said rest so I thought I'd take the opportunity to continue my edukashun. No point straining my poor old eyes so I bought the big TV. Netflix has some amazing documentaries. Did you know that Iceland isn't actually ice? Go figure; I'm smarter because of that TV.

ME: I'm starting to wish I was a split personality. So actually you are exactly like every other business?

ALSO ME: I'm just meeting the demand of the masses. If people want to buy burgers, give them burgers. I'm just doing what every other business does. Give the people more of what they want is what I say.

ME: I think it's time to wake up now!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Overcoming The Tyranny Of The Urgent

Those close to me know that I am never far away from a good book. I love the escapism that comes from a well constructed story, embellished with my own limitless imagination. My favourite genre is Adventure Fantasy and I love J.R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings Trilogy. In this genre most books come in series of three (although I am reading one at present that has fourteen volumes). I guess I like the way the author is able to describe every detail. I often feel shorter stories are rushed and thin. They leave themselves open to criticism from close scrutiny. I remember someone once commented about me that I would never tell a short version of a story if a longer version existed!

So imagine my surprise when I read a tiny book  called, The Tyranny Of The Urgent by Charles E. Hummel. Less than a handful of pages, it was part of the reading list for a Theological course I undertook as part of my college education, and it changed my life.

The basic premise is that:

  1. The things we think important are rarely urgent, and,
  2. The things we think urgent are rarely important.
Now to be honest, that's about all I remember of the book, but those few words have impacted my life far more than the thousands written by Tolkien and his contemporaries.

I often ask myself if the thing demanding my attention is important or just urgent. Sadly, many times it's after the event. It was important that I attended my daughter's choir concert but then a workmate got sick and it became a matter of urgency that I fill in for him. I hate to think how many times I have raised the urgent above the important. It works across so many areas of my life. Paying off the charge card was important but then the toaster broke and the need for toast in the morning became so urgent that once again my important....... wasn't!

I guess the most frustrating thing is that I am the one who determines what is or isn't important to me and so, psychologically, I take a hit every time I promote someone else's important over my own.

Here's a couple of tips that might help you beat the tyranny of the urgent:
  1. Always choose to make memories over making money. I remember sitting with my brothers on the bonnet of the car watching the drive-in movie....through the fence, trying to lip read. The point is, I remember the moment, not the financial hardship that kept us outside. If you choose making money over making memories, all your people will remember, is that you weren't there.
  2. Applying urgency to your important will help keep you on track for your goals. Paying off the credit card is important but when you attach a date you give it some urgency and raise it's importance. 
I'm resisting the urge to explain this concept in micro-detail and just hoping that the few words I've used will help you just as they helped me. Good luck.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

My Side Hustle Has Been Staring Me In The Face For Years

Sometimes I think I am a simpleton, a village idiot.

Seriously, a half-wit!

I have been thinking for a long time of a way to further utilise the skills I already have, in order to find a way that could, possibly, assist Danny and me with reaching our goals more quickly.

We save our little butts off, but having simplified our lives in a fairly significant way, I am finding a need to look for something creative to bring into the time I now have. Blogging is great, I love it. Danny is writing a book and is a very creative person in the workshop, but I find I am feeling the urge to produce something else.

A friend of mine casually mentioned she had uploaded a resource on line and, though simple, it netted her about $10 a month. She has been teaching for only a few years.

Then it struck me! I've been teaching for 25 years, this year! That's a lot of children, lessons and brain power. So why on earth have I not been using that power, that creativity and planning time, to use my lessons to assist others as well as assisting ourselves, by creating and selling on TeachersPayTeachers and TeachersNotebook?

Of course there are a few things I need and want to learn first, but hey, I love the computer so that's no hardship. I am going to set myself a few little goals and begin by learning how to make clip art. Worst case, I have taught myself something new. Best case, I create something better than I've ever created before.

Do you have a side hustle? How did you decide what to do?

PS~ My links are NOT affiliates!